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June 13, 2012

Devling Deeper Into The Darkness

The Darkness Visible Continued

Currently the United Nations is broken. Their so called "peace keeping" goals in Syria is failing miserably. The country of Syria is enduring the worst case of what can only be described as genocide. Yet the world has turned away and thrown their money behind some good will UN policy that will never stop a single death in Syria.

The lion is on the prowl today as I write this. The Butcher of Damascus is at this moment using Russian provided attack helicopters to strike villages around Homs and Homs itself. Bashar al-Assad will use Iranian provided snipers to keep these areas under his control. Innocent civilians will be killed before I can finish this post.

Many of you have simply ignored this subject for many reasons. One being that you think that this "civil war" is not or can not be called Genocide. So for the last time I will define why Syria has been added to the long list of genocides in our wretched past.

Bashar al-Assad belongs to an Islamic sect known as Alawite Shia. The vast majority of his country's population however are Shiite Muslims. This has been one of the major motivators in al-Assad's brutality against his own people. And that is why, plain and simple, this is genocide.

Now onto what is happening and why the world isn't watching.

The Butcher of Damascus has been employing the use of mercenaries from within his country and beyond his borders. The most feared of all are the Shabiha (in Arabic, "Ghost"). These are the "clean up crew" in Bashar's bloody war against his own citizens.

Shabiha have been described as "steroid fueled gorillas" who wield AK 47s and machetes. And due to the "come and get it" policy Bashar's bank account has had for the last six months, the Shabiha are now fiercely loyal to the Bashar regime.

According to the handful of accounts leaking out of the locked down country the Shabiha move into a town or village that has just been shelled or bombed out by the Syrian military. Any helpless women and children are usually targeted first by the Shabiha. Next the men who have survived the attacks by the Bashar military are marched out by the "Ghost" and killed as brutally as possible. This exact method is seen in Darfur by the Janjaweed (in Arabic, "Devils on Horseback").

In other attacks Damascus's Nero has used his newly found toys (Russian provided) to cover the streets by hovering overhead. During this time the Iranian provided snipers move in and take up post throughout the city. Next comes the Syrian paramilitary forces who attack any points of resistance the population may be able to provide. Finally the the death squads move in and flush the city of any Shiite Muslims and feed them into sniper fire while butchering any that try to flee or resist.

Most of the time however Bashar's forces use artillery and attack helicopters to strike random villages to subdue any organizing that might be taking place. Random appearances of these Russian attack helicopters also serve to keep the level of terror up in and around Damascus itself. They also are used to light fires in villages that Bashar fears "rebels" might be passing through.

Paranoia has earned Bashar the title Nero. His fear of his own people has led him to this point. He is leading a campaign to destroy his own countrymen. And nobody is doing a thing to stop it.

The United States is suffering from the cowardice of its President. Obama was willing to help topple other leaders in the region when they were already on their way out. But now he is faced with a real threat to our promise "Never Again". Now Obama sets back and waits to see how this fight will play out. And maybe, just maybe, if the Free Syrian Army can fight back against Bashar.... then Obama just might "help".

This is the symptom of having a President who is only out to make a name for himself. You get cowards like Bashar and Obama.

As for Europe, the French started this "Peace Keeping" plan with the goal of bringing about some form of glory for Paris. In stopping genocide their is no glory to be found. When we stopped the Nazis their was only the sickening reality of what mankind was capable of. It is not a pleasant task and yet it is the most important responsibility we have ever been charged with.

This is the weak point in European glory seekers. This sort of tiptoeing through the minefield is all we can expect when the Europeans are unwilling to stand up to Russia and Iran. Let alone their lack of spine when it comes to military intervention in Syria.

So who is fighting for Syria?

The Free Syrian Army, an army of civilians organized to defeat the oppression of Bashar al-Assad, are the only force attempting to protect the innocent. They are however the excuse used to label this as a "civil war". It appears that anytime a populace arms itself to defend against aggression the world takes the opportunity to step back and claim ignorance.

Here at Alder's Ledge we will be constantly updating you on this genocide. We will continue to scream for those the world has left voiceless. Check in with us on FaceBook and here on the blog. Bare witness and share every post. It is important that we not remain silent as innocent Syrians suffer at the hands of the Nero of Damascus.

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