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June 21, 2012

Red Is The New Black

The Darkness Visible (Continued)

- Russian warships have been seen off the coast of Syria. It is not confirmed whether these ships are being used to patrol the coast or even shell "rebels" along the sea. It is however confirmed that these red star vessels are delivering weapons to Bashar Assad and his thugs. And the flow of weapons into Assad's army doesn't stop there.

China continues to support Assad and the flow of dirty oil from the region (Iran isn't much better than Assad). Chinese warships have been spotted entering the waters off the coast of Syria. They claim to be participating in "war games" yet the other major party in these games claims they don't exist (Russia). And Europe being spineless when it comes to China... nobody is asking why these games are taking place right off the coast of Syria.

But wait... the flow of weapons doesn't even stop with Russia and China alone.

Snipers have been documented walking and being driven over the border between Iran and Syria. These are Iranian shock troops who have no dog in the fight when it comes to the rebellion in Syria. They do however have a desire to see Assad remaining in power. They do however wish to see the influence of Tehran over Damascus. And that is why Iran is sending its military over the border to invade and put into question the sovereignty or Syria. These troops are the real terrorist.

And this is where the national media and world media like to stop. If they are willing to approach this subject at all. But the weapons still keep coming... and the source is very disturbing.

In the United States we believe in a free market economy. And in no way am I going to support any move to get our government to limit or further monitor the sales of any item. After all it is our right under our constitution to own firearms. But it is not our right to arm known genocidal regimes... and that is where my emotions conflict my sense of patriotism.

The United States Department of Defense currently hold a contract with the arms dealer Rosoboronexport. This Russian company's contract is valued at around 1 billion US dollars. It is also the exact same value of the contract between the Russian government and Syria. And since in communist countries it is treason to earn profit... one can guess where these weapons end up.

In a round about sort of way... the United States has blood on its hands. This is blood that doesn't wash off no matter how much time goes by. It was the same sort of blood that empowered Osama Bin Laden in his rise in Afghanistan. It was the same sort of blood that helped broaden the base of the totalitarian regimes in Iraq and Iran. It was the same blood spilled when Saddam Hussein used US funds to gas the Kurds in northern Iraq. This is dirty money... blood money.

So why is it that the media remains silent while Obama's regime sets on the sideline profiting from the genocide in Syria? Where are the screamers who would have grown a backbone just 4 years ago under George W. Bush?

The world remains silent. The United States remains asleep. And Obama waits to jump in and support the "winning side" at the very last minute.

Everything about this sickens me. Here at Alder's Ledge we have watched and waited for someone to act. Now we have a cause. Now we have something we can do to help stop this horrible chapter in our history. We need to put pressure on our government to stop the flow of weapons to Assad and start arming or supporting militarily the "rebels" (the civilians who simply are fighting to live).

Tell Obama if he wants four more years he had better start showing some guts. We need a leader... not a coward who only waits to benefit from the suffering of others. Tell Obama to stand up to Russia, China, and Iran. Tell Obama that Assad must go.

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