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June 16, 2012

The Voiceless

Listen To Those Who Suffer Most.

Here at Alder's Ledge we have tried for weeks now to give a voice to the voiceless. We have tried to scream atop our lungs to paint a picture the world does not want to see. Now it is time that we join you in listening to those who we so often forget. The children who this genocide has hurt most.

Now that you have a face to put to the victims... now that you have a voice to listen to... you can't say you just plain didn't know. You might not think that these children are suffering, after all they are lucky enough to have made it out... but they can't go home. Everything they knew was taken from them. Their strength should elicit your own.

Click the buttons below and share these post. Put them on your Facebook page, your Twitter account, or email them to others. We want the world to know. We must all scream for these children. We must scream for those who died in and are still dieing at the hands of evil men.

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