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June 26, 2012

The Martyrs Brigade

Guerrillas at War

"Iran is actively engaged in supporting the Syrian government in perpetrating the violence”, Susan Rice. United States Ambassador to the United Nations.

These two men have made their livelihoods by slaughtering their own countrymen. In Iran Ahmadinejad butchers those who protest him by deploying his snipers. The world watched as his snipers picked their target and she died looking us in the eye gasping for breath. Assad now uses those same snipers in Damascus as the fighting intensifies. 

                                      "Baniyas is the grave of the shabiha"

Assad also deploys his "Shabiha" or ghost soldiers. These are thugs who use brutal tactics and torture to try and intimidate Assad's enemies. They target women and children and only take men prisoners when they want to publicly torture their victims. This is how Assad uses terror to oppress his own nation's citizens. 

To top off his arsenal of terror, Assad uses his nation's military to kill it's own citizens. He has deployed Russian tanks (provided by Moscow under the ruse of "arms trading") into residential areas. His Russian built attack helicopters (once again provided by Putin) to spray residential areas with rockets and bullets whenever a "threat" is perceived. In other words, a public gathering of just a few civilians can be considered a "threat" to the Assad regime. 

So with the death toll rising and the "civil unrest" having no end in sight there seems to be something new coming to the surface. For the past 16 months the world has watched as an unorganized and hard to identify group of civilians has fought valiantly against Assad's oppression. We now know that this group, that has been called simply "the rebels", is getting trained and prepared for a long bloody war. 

The Idib Martyrs' Brigade now account for the majority of the rebel forces in Syria. They are on the outside perceived to be a ragtag band of guerrillas. Take a closer look and they are a battle hardened, battle field tested, and combat trained force of desperate civilians looking to live free lives in their own home country. And they are making it hard for Assad to win this war and save his image in the face of world scrutiny. 

The Martyrs' Brigade has shown that they can deploy their strength in any area at any time. And where one unit of its forces are in trouble they can deploy reinforcements in a shorter span of time than any sovereign state could do. Yet despite all their training, all their will, and all their strengths... they can't win this war alone. 

The fighting in Damascus shows us just how far these rebels are willing to take this fight. This is a battle of annihilation. Only one side is going to survive this fight. And for Assad to win this war... he will have to complete his genocidal goals while the world stands with its back turned. 

We all can see what is happening here. We can see clearly who the rebels are. We know what Assad is doing to his own people. Alder's Ledge has laid out in previous post why this amount to genocide. At the very least it is politicide and a grave violation of the basic principles of human rights. 

Wake up America. Tell Obama to stand up to Putin now while there is still something left to save in Syria. While there are people on the ground still fighting to stop the genocide.

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