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June 29, 2012

How Syria's Bad Reputation Hurts The Innocent

No Sympathy For the Faceless

Over the course of my lifetime I have always been told bad things about the Syrian government and its people. Being a Jewish man and having obvious sympathies with Israel doesn't help the matter. But no matter what I have been told, or even if they were true, I know in my heart that no people anywhere on the planet deserve to be butchered and oppressed. And that is exactly what I am seeing as I watch Syria burn before my eyes.

In the west there is little sympathy for a country that has been made a pariah by its government. People here in the Midwest don't think of Syria and immediately think happy thoughts. So it is understandable to me in one manner of speaking that those around me seem less than interested offering any form of support for the Syrian people. On the other hand it is a bit disheartening that people today still seem to think in the same way the German people did when it was the Jews being slaughtered.

Recently Alder's Ledge put up a video on YouTube that was meant to help raise awareness of the massacre Assad is implementing across Syria. It joins a shockingly small number of such videos on the worlds largest host of web videos. Thus making it clear that even those in countries nearby Syria are less than willing to help the Syrian people fight back against Assad's regime.

On social network sites I have run into screamers from across the globe. They are trying everything within their power to gain attention for the Syrian people. Pictures of the atrocities are making the rounds from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram. Yet people are still reluctant to offer any support for these screamers' cause.... the dead and dieing in Syria.

When it comes to the governments of the West the desire to stop the killing seems even less genuine than one might assume to find amongst the peoples of the West themselves. President Obama was more than willing to offer his support to Egypt (a revolution that has led to an even more dangerous regime than the last) and Tunisia (same results as Egypt). Obama was happy to send blood, gold, oil, and sweat to the fight to oust Gaddafi in Libya. But when it comes to a country Russia supports... Obama's spine goes limp. As does the remaining world leaders in Europe and the Middle East.

So what are we, the screamers, trying to raise awareness of? Well, take a look for yourself.

This is why we do not sleep, we do not rest, we do not remain silent. No man should be allowed to rule if this is all he has to offer his people. Assad has become a lion out to kill the old, the sick, and most of all... the children of Syria. We will not rest till Assad has paid for his sins.

Find not sympathy for these people's cause if you can not understand it. Find not sympathy for their suffering if your heart has grown so callous if can not feel empathy. Find not sympathy for their dead if you could not care for them while they were living. But for the love of G-d, look into the eyes of their children and tell you can not find sympathy for those who are about to die!

May G-d have mercy upon those who have bore witness to these sins against all mankind and yet remain silent. For we here at Alder's Ledge believe that this... this unending, relentless, and unholy silence in the face of genocide... this is the greatest sin of all.

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