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June 27, 2012

We Rule The Airwaves

Attack on the Ikhbariya Television Station 

The "Free Syrian Army" just earlier today made an assault on a pro-government television station just 20 kilometers to the south of Damascus. Armed gunmen stormed the building and killed at least three of the workers there. This attack was one of the boldest moves in recent weeks by the rebels in an attempt to make a move on a symbolic target of Assad's totalitarian rule. 

So far today more than 150 innocent civilians have been killed as the fighting in and around Damascus intensifies. The government forces, and Assad's rouge thugs, are targeting civilians and residential areas in an attempt to force rebels into firefights with civilians trapped in the crossfire. So far the Free Syrian Army has been able to avoid attacking in areas with innocent bystanders in the path of their assaults. It is Assad's use of militias and thugs (such as his Shabiha or "ghost soldiers") that has driven up the death toll in Syria. 

In addition to the intensified fighting a new murderer has entered the war against Assad. The indiscriminate killer, the IED (improvised explosive device) has been identified as a new weapon deployed by the rebel forces. Some believe that the use of this weapon is a move of desperation. I believe that the use of this weapon is a measured ploy to grab the attention of the outside world. Yes, the people of Syria are dieing now on average of 100 per day. And yes, the fighting is beginning to get desperate as the rebels attack heavier and heavier targets. But the will to fight is only growing. If the outside world does not help soon... this will be a war of attrition... of annihilation. 

The IED is not a tool to end war. It is a weapon to make war so hellish that no man would want to fight it. It kills people without warning. It's targets do not know they are in danger till it is to late. And those who live after its attack... they live with wounds that will never go away and a trauma that can not be cured. This is a weapon that has replaced that feared landmine. That is how dangerous these weapons have become. 

If it were up to me the images of this war would be brought into your homes with every new cast. The entire world would be forced to watch as a mad man (the Nero of Damascus) burns his country to the ground. You would have to witness the limp lifeless bodies of children awaiting to be buried after the "Ghost" had stole their souls. No eye would be shut, no head turned away... for in the case of Syria... silence is the greatest sin of all. 

We did not learn from Bosnia. We failed to hear the cries of Rwanda. And nobody dared to think about stopping Cambodia. This is a scourge upon the earth that must be faced. It must be looked right in the eye and made clear to the world. For this crime against humanity is the darkness that must be made visible to all mankind. We must make it clear that it will never be allowed. That no king, president, or dictator has the right to kill and maim his own people as long as he keeps it tucked away within his borders. This is the age of the internet, the camera phone, of YouTube... the world is always watching. 

Help save Syria. Help force Obama's cronies in the media machine to act. Let us force them to call this "civil war" what it really is... GENOCIDE. We will not back down simply because Putin and all of Russia wants to play patty-fingers with Assad and his boys. We don't give a damn what Ahmadinejad wants to happen in Syria. And China can keep its cheap exports if this blood is what we have to pay for it. Help save Syria by telling your congressmen that you want the United States to be the defender of freedom it was founded to be. 

For bloody sakes America... just do something.

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