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April 28, 2012

Disarming the Victim

Enabling Monsters

According to the Voice of America website ships with weapons have been intercepted on their way to Syria. The Lebanese government claims that these weapons were headed to the "rebel" forces in Syria. It is important to note that these so called rebels are only reacting to the violent response Assad had to their request for reforms. The "rebels" are also claiming that the minority leader (Shiite) is perpetrating ethnic cleansing against the Sunni majority.

This disarming technique is not new however when it comes to the outside world's reaction to genocides that mask themselves with civil war or political conflicts. In Rwanda the UN pushed to have the Tutsi disarmed while failing to stop the massing of weapons by Hutu militias. The result was a horrific blood bath in which the bullets ran out and the machetes came out. All the world could do was stand by and watch (while still enforcing the disarmament of the victims even as they were being slaughtered).

In Bosnia the United Nations decided it was "imperative" that the Muslim population be banned from having access to any form of weapons. The only weapons coming into Bosnia were the ones strapped to the backs of the Serbs. In doing this the UN made the Serbs' goals far easier to achieve. Meanwhile Bosnian victims were lucky to have even a knife to fight back with.

While the Janjaweed pillage Darfur it has been the UN's mission to provide camps for refugees while denying any effort to protect or arm the victims of the Muslim aggressors. Under aerial bombardment the victims have no place to hide when the trucks and horses come rolling in behind the government planes. This is a genocide in which the attackers are using Hitler's blitzkrieg. Yet the United Nations fails to see the only solution to this sort of SS style genocide.

If the world is to ever stop the barbarism of those who promote or perpetrate genocide than we must accept the fact that outside intervention must occur. In addition to the use of armed forces from outside countries we must also allow the victims the right to arm themselves. Those being persecuted must be allowed to fight back and even at times "hunt the hunters".

When we allow the aggressors to be the only armed presence in the hostile region we allow a situation in which the genocide simply goes underground. The attackers in Darfur are known to raid camps as long as the UN sponsored tents are "too close to the border". And thus the victims remain helpless while UN troops traditional incompetence is clearly displayed to the attackers (in Rwanda the attackers killed just 10 Belgian UN troops when the UN withdrew from the killing fields).

If the victims in Syria were allowed to have access to weapons (like we did in Libya) there is at the very least the option of defense. And yes, there is the opportunity for more bloodshed and higher death tolls. But at the very least the civilians in Syria would have the ability to hold their ground or die with a rifle in hand instead of on their knees.

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April 27, 2012

Is Syria The New Bosnia

And Why Is Obama The New Clinton?

 The world has been watching as "The Nero of Damascus" plummets Syria into the abyss of Hell itself. The inferno has been glowing hot red for some time now and yet we do nothing. Helpless innocent people have been screaming,the gnashing and moaning growing with every passing day, and yet we do nothing. Blood has been pouring out in amounts beyond measure and still we do nothing. But why?

During the Bosnian Genocide the world waited for the "tragedy" to burn itself out. Clinton's administration in the White House used its same method it would use with Rwanda... Clinton ordered that nobody use the word "Genocide". And this allowed the United States to set idle on the sidelines with the rest of the world. The only difference between Syria and Bosnia?

That is where things become foggy.

Syria appears to the world to be burning on the basis of politics. Race, religion, and creed don't play the important role of "cause" and have little to do with the "effect" of the butcher's response. In Syria we are watching as the social and political reforms that Muslims throughout the Middle East demanded back during the "Arab Spring" are being put to the sword. We are watching Bashar Assad's regime attempt to crush the people they were expected to govern (peacefully).

Bosnia was a clear attempt on the Serbians' side to kill off the Muslims and gain "lebensraum". The goal of Serbia was to "eliminate in part or in whole" a given ethnicity and religious group. By simply being affiliated with the Muslim Bosnians you became the target during Serbia's aggression.

In the Balkans the United States knew that the attacks were not "civil war". We watched as Serbia established concentration camps and "killing fields". Yet we did nothing to stop it. Instead we decided it was our duty to disarm the Bosnians and to restrict any access they might have to them. In a way, the United States helped the Serbs to commit genocide in our "good intentions".

With Syria we have a good idea what is going on within its blacked out borders. Heavy weapons continue to be moved into civilian areas as the brutal regime continues to slaughter all "opposition". Assad seems to be attempting to bleed the will of his people and subvert any future plans or perceived threats to his absolute control. The West sets idle on the sidelines just as we did in Rwanda and Bosnia. We do not dare tiptoe into the minefield. We don't shutdown the airspace over Syria. We don't bomb its military's fuel supplies or truck depots. We simply pay lip service to the dieing as we watch comfortably in our lazy-boys.

So what are the similarities here?

The United States and the United Nations are remaining silent. We are doing nothing. Instead we here in the United States have another President who has ordered his administration to avoid the use of the words "Genocide" or "Crimes against Humanity". Barack Obama knows the weight these words carry in law and morality. That is why the news in the West avoids any real descriptions or accounts of the crimes being committed in Syria. They definitely do not want you to see video like this one...

The man being tortured to death in this video is saying "There is no G-d but G-d (Allah)". In doing this he is attempting to clear his name and show that he is a devout and faithful Muslim. His tormenters are replying "No, you say... There is no G-d but Assad". Thus showing the world just how Bashar views himself.

No one should ever have to see this, suffer this, or turn their backs when they witness this. Yet like in Bosnia, when we watched the Serbs slaughter Muslims, we as a nation and a world community are turning our eyes away. May G-d forgive us. - A few more first hand accounts from just the last two days.

Syria - Assad Army Mortars Pound Al Qosour in Homs, putting buildings on fire on April 26, 2012

Chaos in the streets of Douma as the Depraved Diabolical Dictator Bashar Assad orders his Army to lay waste to the city, bombing houses and cars and wounding and killing scores of local residents while arresting and dragging off hundreds of suspected pro Democracy activists. - April 25, 2012

Contains Graphic Images - Documentary Evidence of Crimes Against Humanity Committed by Syria Dictator Bashar Assad and his Alawite and Shiite Army as they Perpetrate Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide against the Sunni Majority Civilian population of Syria - This video was filmed in the city of Khan Sheikhoun on April 25, 2012 after these women were massacred, along with a number of others, by the Assad Alawite and Shiite Loyalist forces.

 Syria - Explosions and Gunfire rock Douma as Dictator Assad attacks this town and as he makes a fool out of the idiots at the United Nations who actually believed he would ever honor any ceasefire pledge. Assad is a Con Artist Serial Killer in a Fancy Suit with a Trophy Wife and a disarming Gay Lisp who has slaughtered tens of thousands of innocent Syrian civilians in the most horrible ways imaginable.

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April 3, 2012

Czech Nazis Ready To March


In past marches the Prague police have done little or nothing to stop the Czech Nazis from attacking Roma. DSSS party members (Workers Social Justice Party) have assaulted Roma men, women, and children. Their hatred knows no bounds.
With the world watching, DSSS plans to march on Chanov in the Czech Republic. Their goal is to show up in overwhelming force to scare off Roma families. In this way they are trying to replicate methods use by hate groups world wide. The KKK used this method to attack African American families in the United States.
A group in the Czech Republic has recently begun siding with the Roma cause. Hate Is No Solution, a human rights group, is planning to be at Chanov waiting for the DSSS march. They are the counter movement to the hatred rising in Czech society.
"Every time the Nazis have marched into Romani-inhabited localities in the past, they have broken the law. They shout harsh anti-Romani slogans and members of the Romani minority are often physically assaulted once the march is over," says Miroslav Brož of Hate is No Solution. "The greatest psychological burden of the Nazi marches is borne by Romani children. We believe these marches by Nazis chanting hateful slogans beneath the windows of their apartments will scar them for life."
And that is the side of fight Alder's Ledge falls in. The children of Chanov's Roma will be facing this wretched scene on April 7th. Their young eyes will be looking out their windows at a crowd of fellow Czechs who hate them.
These Nazis don't hate the children of Chanov personally. It isn't anything the little kids have done. It isn't because the children are criminals. It's because the Roma children were born to gypsy families. It's because they aren't white.
And that is why these sorts of marches should be shut down. The hatred that the National Resistance (Národní odpor) spews on it's website should be confined to it's online presence. Or at the very least, the march should be forced to be in a white neighborhood where Roma children wouldn't be present.

April 2, 2012

Islamaphobia and the Radical Right

I was once told that the only religion to have never committed jihad was Christianity. This supposed fact was news to me seeing as how my family tree had a little stay in Spain... abruptly ended by jihad.

The attacking force was not conscripted of Moors or Berbers. The assailants weren't angry burka wearing, Quran hugging, foaming at the mouth Muslims. Actually, the Moors were the only people willing to fight for my ancestors' freedoms. The advancing army was comprised of the first crusaders embarking upon the reconquest of Spain.

And it was in the Spanish Inquisition that these Latin rambling loons decided to expel my Jewish roots from southern Spain. Their goal was like that of Christian England who expelled it's Jews a couple centuries earlier. However Spain used the Muslim Moors as their excuse to get at the wealth of the Moors and Jews.

To me it seemed that England and Spain had committed jihad. The prevailing religion of the two were used to justify the slaughter of other religions. Yet I was told Christianity had never killed anybody due to religion.

In the United States we used the Holy Bible to justify the wholesale slaughter of "witches" in Salem. In the dirty south slaves were made to convert or die. And thus their native religions were destroyed so as to fit the demands of their masters. Yet neither compared to the convert or die philosophy used to implement genocide upon the Native Americans.

So how is it that the myth of Christian purity still exist in the far right today? And even in the moderate right wing, how is it that many still believe that Christianity is the only religion to have never committed jihad?

One can find even in main steam America a paranoia when it comes to Muslims. I myself have been asked if I was Muslim while wearing my kippa... as if it would be a bad thing to say yes.

Yet in the far right you get more of the radicalized fear of Islam. This is the sort of view that believes that every chador wearing Muslim is part of a "sleeper cell". The sort if paranoia that we would call Islamaphobia.

With people like Ron Paul it is transferred to the belief that Muslims are not as "sophisticated" as us. That they are somehow just a couple steps behind us when it comes to society and civilization.

Yet even this philosophy is neutering in a manner when it comes to the humanity of the Muslim. It never helps a society to belittle a portion of its population. Instead it cripples the society as a whole.

By treating a person as a child you create a child within that individual. If you treat them as an enemy you create an enemy within that individual. So where is the brotherly love preached in the Gospel when it comes to the radical right?

There is none. Just as Osama Bin Laden preached hatred and death from his interpretation of the Quran; the radical right preaches hatred and vile contempt for the love Yeshua preached in the Christian Bible.

Worse yet, the potential for pogroms and ultimately genocide arise as this sort of paranoia spreads.

And that is why Alder's Ledge continues to discuss this seemingly political topic. We find it contemptible that this form of hate filled vitriol remains a part of our national discourse.

For those in Indiana who listen to WIBC 93.1 you might be familiar with Greg Garrison and his usual show. Today I was treated to his usual pompous attitude when it comes to Islam vs Christianity.

Today however I found it odd how the term "snakes" was used to describe all Muslims in the United States. This was again news to me seeing as how many of my closest friends are Muslims. And till having listened to his show was I unaware they were "snakes".

This term falls in line with how the Hutu in Rwanda called all Tutsi "cockroaches". It is the same degenerate method the the Nazi's used (Hitler claimed to be a good Catholic) when calling all Jews "rats". Yet a supposed news commentator here in Indiana found it acceptable to use a dehumanizing term to describe all Muslims here in the United States.

And yet time and time again I'm told that the right wing doesn't hate anybody.

Note that I do understand the actual meaning of the word "jihad" and know that it does not mean "holy war". The use of the word is for illustrative purposes since the word is used in this manner by the people this article is meant to address. If you want to comment on that please note that you have read this portion of post and know that I will not reply kindly to any pious responses.