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Alder's Ledge's Team of "Screamers"

For several years now the team at Alder's Ledge has been growing. We started with just a handful of team members who were scattered across the globe. The one thing that linked us all was a our personal histories with the main subject at Alder's Ledge, genocide. This topic is dear to each of us due to our family histories, our countries' histories, and the passion we have for raising awareness of it. That passion that our founding members have for this subject is why we have lasted all these years.

The blog came about from the desire of our founding members to reach out beyond our local communities. It is mainly a collection of rough drafts and thoughts that come about as a result of our conversations as a team. Though we try to stay on topic here, the range of our subjects can vary depending upon the participating team members on any given day. We cover genocide first and foremost but also venture into human trafficking, oppression of ethnic groups and religious groups, sex trafficking, child abuse, and the darker aspects of human nature. Each of these subjects has a personal significance to one or more of our team mates. And each is taken very seriously due to that fact.

As for our team...

Our team currently consists of a wide range of team members. We have Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Christians, and a handful of agnostics and atheists. We have girls and guys. We have Americans, Thai, Chinese, Bosnian, Armenians, Turks, and a couple other nationalities that don't care to be mentioned for one reason or another. We have members ranging from their early 20's to late 50's. But most of all... we have a team full of members who care about fighting for the rights of all people no matter what.

Each member fills different roles with us. The most important role for each of us is to learn from each other. We spend a great deal of time exchanging ideas and information with each other in an attempt to help educate each other on the topics we cover. This allows each member the opportunity to spread that information amongst their own community. And given the diversity we have on our team, it also allows for seemingly endless debate and conversation.

For those who would like to know more about Alder's Ledge's team:

Contact us on Twitter:  @AL_Staff  &  @alders_ledge