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July 5, 2012

A Lion Amongst The Sheep

The Devourer

In the battle for Syria's fate the hell of war has no limits. This is a fight that has plunged the country into the abyss of war... the fires of genocide. With on man and his minority ruling class in charge it is obvious that the fight is lopsided. Yet the world stands at the sidelines waiting... rubbing their hands together and licking their lips as they wait to see what "opportunity" might arise.

The Shabiha slink about in the night looking for children to steal away. Taken into the darkness these children are beaten to death after hours of torture. It isn't till the night is over that the innocent bodies are returned to their terrified parents. This is meant to scare and intimidate the communities from which the children are taken. It is also meant to deprive the opposition of their next generation. It is a genocidal technique used in every recorded genocide.

The lion takes over a pride by roaming about the female lions and forcing them to succumb to his sexual urges. In his attempt to create more offspring in his own image the lion does not overlook the previous generation. Hunting his own pride for offspring not his own.... the lion kills and often consumes the innocent cubs. No matter how hard the mother tries to hide her young, the new male will hunt them till they are all dead.

al-Assad is nothing short of a lion. He is not human. He is not, contrary to his soldier's commands, G-d on earth. Assad is simply a depraved animal looking to destroy the future of his own country. His primal lust contort reality in Syrian minds. You either try to hide from him... or you roll over and plead for mercy.

Innocent little bodies lay in burial shrouds as the world watches. Yet we do nothing.

A beaten and bruised body of an innocent man stands before your eyes as his tormentors scream at him "al-Assad is your G-d". Still we seem not even blink.

What will it take before the world acts? How many more little children have to sacrificed to the beast of Damascus? How many little lambs need to be killed for the world to be called to action?

Houla was just the most notable case of Assad's brutality. In cities across Syria the Nero of Damascus is burning the country to the ground. His forces are the reason people are dying. The opposition, no matter how organized, has no ability to fight back against artillery barrages, helicopter attacks, or jets dropping bombs in the middle of the night. Every attack Assad makes is a massacre.

And then there is Assad's "ghost soldiers"... the ruthless mob he calls the Shabiha.

These are beasts by no other name. They kill innocent women and children so that the security forces in Syria can say that they have kept their hands clean. In no other terms these Shabiha are starved pit bulls who have no idea what a leash is. They are simply directed into an area and told to "have at it". Anyone who happens to be there is attacked and possibly killed. Innocence has no meaning when the thugs come into a village or city.

In Libya the west deposed a dictator who used black African labor as slave labor. Those the Libyan leader Gaddafi deemed to be less than human were butchered as the country slipped into chaos. They were used as human shields as the UN forces bombed Gaddafi into submission. And they were killed by the "rebels" as the country was secured under militia control.

But the West had no problem with helping support genocidal trends in Libya. So why are we still identifying the genocidal tendencies of the Assad regime and doing nothing? Is there just no reward at the end of this fatal game? Does the end just simply not justify the means?

I'm starting to believe that the West just doesn't care to save innocent souls unless they happen to be Christian or white. After all, we didn't bother to stop Serbia from killing Muslims in concentration camps right on the back door of Europe. We failed to even notice Pol Pott and his genocide while trying to take Cambodia back to "year zero". And we really failed to lift a finger to stop the killings in Rwanda as the Hutu minority took to machetes in their attempt to slaughter every Tutsi in Rwanda. G-d knows we haven't done a damned thing to stop the genocide in Darfur... but we did make plenty of "good educational" documentaries about the slaughter.

So once again... how many of Syria's youth need to die before the West decides to uphold its promise of "Never Again"?

Perhaps it is just the fact that the big bad wolf we call Russia is supporting (and profiting) off the genocide in Syria. But in any case I guess I should just thank G-d the West decided to stop the Nazi's and the Croats back when my ancestors needed their help. Because it is clear today that it is nearly impossible to force the mighty West to act when it comes to stopping genocide when and where it is happening today.

A special thanks to CNN for at the very least showing these videos. But for heavens sakes CNN... stop blurring the faces. Just show the damned videos so that the world may actually see the faces of the voiceless. That they might look into the eyes of those who need us most. Please just show this videos every day all day so that when this thing finally ends the world can not say again... "well we just didn't know what was going on."

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