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July 3, 2012

One Mans Freedom Fighter...

Another Man's Terrorist.

It wasn't that long ago in the span of world history that a ragtag band of militias and bandits took what they needed from government to overthrow tyranny. Their fight was deemed in time to be righteous in the fact that it secured the liberty for millions. Yet at the time the tyrants they sought to cast off deemed them to be traitors and barbarians.

Many people today forget the horrors perpetrated upon the innocent during the American Revolution. We seem to imagine the British as professionals and proper soldiers. When yet in reality the British used mercenary thugs and scotched earth policies to put down the revolution. An untold number of American civilians were sacrificed to the cause of oppression Great Britain wanted to enforce. Innocent women and children were butchered as the men were tortured and executed.

And in spite of all this we fought on. Our flag was raised and our heads were held high in the face of a beast we could no longer tolerate. As the war raged on our will was forged in the fires of a hell we could no longer escape. This was a fight that engulfed our homes, our families, our country... yet we fought on seemingly alone.

In Syria a war much like that of our own is being waged. Innocent women and children are being sacrificed to Assad's thugs as their husbands, brothers, and fathers fight on in the face of a tyrannical beast they could no longer live under. All the while the world stands on the side lines and waits to see what will come from this fiery hell of a war. This is not a civil war... this is a fight for freedom... a battle for liberty... this is the struggle of the Syrian people to live as G-d intended.

No man should ever be made to bow to the boot of a dictator. No woman should be forced to watch her children laid to rest at the hands of a monster. And no child should have to plead not to be beaten to death by Shabiha thugs.

In recent days the UN has attempted to talk the guns out of the Syrian Free Army's hands. The UN has asked politely for Assad to step down and come to the table for peace talks. And not surprisingly the war continues even as the UN pretends to be working for peace. This seems to be a war with no end in sight.

So as you set down to your Fourth of July barbecues and watch the fireworks go up that night keep in mind that not all people get to enjoy this celebration of freedom we do. Remember for a moment those who are still dying for a chance to live free. After all, is it not our constitution that says so grandly that "All men are created equal..."? I don't recall any small print that claims "only if they live in our country".

Say a little prayer if that is all you can find in your heart to do. But if you feel a little bolder than that, share these post on your FaceBook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts. And if that doesn't help you sleep better at night, tell your congressmen or state representative that you want the United States to help save Syria and for once get rid of Assad.

Happy Fourth of July America. And for your in Syria... Allah Yekhaleek, our prayers are with you even if our country is not.

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