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July 20, 2012

Rewarding Evil

Obama's Support Of Genocide

On July 11Th the Obama administration got what it has been pushing for as the United States began to lift restrictions on trade with Myanmar. Obama's White House has been pushing the country into bed with the ruthless dictatorship in Burma every since Obama took office. The irony of allowing our free society to fraternize with a country as cold and callous as Myanmar can not be overstated. And yet Obama wishes to play Mr Nice Guy with a government that currently committing genocide.

For over two months now the pogrom of the Rohingya people has been grinding along without mercy. The Burmese government has distributed machetes to the supposedly peaceful Buddhist Rakhine. Myanmar's military has played an active roll in hunting down the defenseless Rohingya and has committed countless massacres of innocent civilians. But all of this was to be expected in a place as hellish as Myanmar.

In recent post I have pointed out the blatant disregard Europe has shown when dealing with Aung San Suu Kyi as they pamper the murderer. It is disheartening to watch the supposedly liberal and humane West bowing to a genocidal regime. And yet here we are...

The 'Kalar' (the slur Burmese use for the Rahingya) are being killed without remorse. This is a push by the current Juntas to rid Myanmar of its most vulnerable minority. And the world is trying desperately not to notice.

These victims died in massacres without names. They were not given the respect one would give an animal being sent to butcher. They were simply killed for being "dark skinned" and of a different faith. So remind us again Hillary Clinton why we want to lift our embargo on Myanmar? How much gold and plunder is worth ignoring this?

Obama has offered his support once again to the wrong side of history. We are a nation who has to constantly ignore how we slaughtered entire races of men to take the Old West. We are a people who live on land stolen from those who got here first. And now we are a country who is willing to ignore the suffering of others if the price is right.

Myanmar has spent decades killing its own people. The Rohingya have suffered without the world even noticing or daring to take notice for as long as they have been alive. Now the world is getting smaller. The backyard killings of a tiny country such as Myanmar can no longer be ignored. They are on your television (when the media dares to talk about it). They are on your phone (when YouTube's cat videos ironically lead you to something more worth watching). They are on your computer (when Google fails to censor the unpleasant). And they are spreading across the globe.

Syria is burning. Myanmar is bleeding. And the West is slipping into bed with the people doing the killing. How long can we remain silent? How many more pictures and videos of these victims do you have to see? Its time you wake up and start to speak out. After all, it is much like that old poem goes...

First they came for Libya,
I was not Libyan so I said nothing.
Then they came for Syria,
CBS didn't tell me about it so I forgot.
Next they came for the Rohingya,
School didn't even teach me about Burma.
Now they come for Me.
And there isn't anyone left to speak up.

(I have posted that actual poem here so many times it doesn't take much scrolling down to find it.)


  1. These are some of the more overwhelming of the photos I've seen from the Rohingya massacre. I'd like to know the most exact source of them possible as I am able to make sure they get a wide audience. If you have further information, please email me at djjohnso at yahoo com. Thank you for staying true to very difficult work.

    Doug Johnson Hatlem

  2. Thank you Doug for your comment. Some of the information for this blog can be found on the following sites:

    Most of these sites may require some browsing to find stories and images on this topic. But most have rather frequent updates on the issue.

    I recommend if you are on twitter that you follow the following tweeters for more info.


    Thank you again for your comment and interest in the subject.


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