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July 10, 2012

Till The Cup Spills Over

The Creeping Darkness
(Part of The Darkness Visible Series)

               (Lebanese Child Injured in Syrian Artillery Attacks)

Assad's regime of thugs and criminals began shelling the northern border of Lebanon overnight in attempts to stop the flow of refugees into Lebanon. Soldiers, and what is presumed to be Shabiha, patrolled the "illegal crossing" points where refugees have been fleeing to safety. The armed men opened fire on anyone they presumed to be "rebels" or just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This occurred just as the Lebanese military began building up its presence along the border with Syria. Several Lebanese soldiers reported being fired upon and returning fire on the sources of the attacks. Yet none dared to cross the border to route the attackers.

Checkpoints set up by the Lebanon government were also fired upon by both armed infantry and artillery. Fortunately the failed attacks did not manage to wound or kill any Lebanese soldiers. But the attacks do constitute legitimate acts of war... acts of war that Lebanon has been to timid to call out Assad on.

Assad's regime seems to be willingly ignoring the fact that Lebanon's armed forces were attempting to stop the flow of illegal weapons and armed combatants from flowing into Syria... not out of Syria. This was the mandate set up by Beirut when it beefed up its presence on the border with its neighbor. Unlike Turkey, Lebanon is not about to use its military to stop the massacres happening just on the other side of its border.

All the while a new ally has tossed its support to Assad and his criminal recklessness. Hugo Chavez announced that his regime in Venezuela will be sending diesel and other fuels to Syria. This fuel is meant to keep the Syrian military up and running. It is meant to help keep Assad's genocide grinding along as the Syrian people suffer under the mad man's boot.

Chavez appears to know about the murdering of innocent children, the beating of women, and the butchering of Syrian men. But once again the tin hat dictator of Venezuela seems ready to support tyrants if it will gain him the attention of governments he says he hates. So it only seems appropriate that one narcissist would pat the back of another.

And all this occurs as the UN keep running around toting its "peace plan" to the West. This is a peace plan that continues to loose its teeth every time Kofi Annan opens his mouth. It was meant originally to remove Assad and help obtain the rights the rebels are fighting for. Now it has been scaled back to only address the "most violent" areas in Syria and does not fully demand Assad to step out of Syrian politics.

To add to the growing problems in and around Syria, Putin is beginning to demand that Russia be allowed to hold the "peace talks" in Syria. This flies in the face of reason when one thinks about just how much money Russia has been making by selling Syria weapons. Then to add to the tilt in the scales this arrangement would cause... Russia just sent warships to help the Syrian Navy in "patrols" along the coast of Syria. So how can Putin's regime honestly claim to be impartial when it comes to Assad and his policy of murder and mayhem?

It is time for the West to wake up... if not long past the time to do so. We can not let this creeping darkness continue to spread. We must remove Assad and make him an example for all those who would exploit the innocent. We must save Syria. 

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