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November 11, 2012

Will Obama Help Those In Need

Or Is This A Chance To See Barack's Political Greed
(Part of The Darkness Visible series)

(Rohingya Girl in Rakhine, Myanmar) 

A key note in the opposition to Barack Obama here in the United States is a part of his background where the President can be linked to outrageous people and their off center remarks. One of those remarks helps to polarize citizens in the United States. It helps drive a wedge between races. It goes something like this...

... "The white man's greed fuels a world in need."

As with most politicians, Obama has attempted to separate himself from these volatile remarks. Yet throughout his presidency Barack as exercised a tremendous amount of "political greed" when trying to get what he wants. In California this meant promising the Armenian community that he would be the first president to recognize the Armenian Genocide. A promise Obama never intends to keep. 

Now we watch as Barack Obama makes history by not only visiting Myanmar but also lifting most of the sanctions imposed upon the totalitarian regime. The White House claims that these sanctions were lifted in response to Burma's "transformational" steps toward democracy. Yet Burma still refuses to extend the promise of democracy to more than half of its citizens... for the Rohingya this is accomplished by the fact that Myanmar does not grant them citizenship. 

For Obama the motivation for the exploitation of Myanmar is obvious. The president has found himself in a "gold rush" scenario in which America is facing off with China and Europe. The natural wealth of Burma is up for grabs. And in a move to open their pool of investors, the Junta have simply put forth a mirage of "change" to draw the West in. 

(The Rohingya Obama's White House Neglects) 

Once again we will have to wait and see if Obama will step up and do the right thing. We did not see him do it in Libya when he bombed Gaddafi but ignored the slaughter of black Africans by Arabs. We have not seen him do it in Syria while the genocide of the Syrian people goes unchecked for nearly two years. And we did not see Obama do the right thing back in July when the first round of "ethnic cleansing" began against the Rohingya in Myanmar. 

So if past behavior is any indicator then we had very well hope and pray that Obama's political lust does not override the humanitarian he claims to be. Far to many lives lay in the balance. And no amount of natural resources are worth this horrific crime.

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