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November 18, 2012

Suu Kyi Dismisses Rohingya As Illegal

"There Will Never Be An End To The Problem."
(Part of The Darkness Visible series)

(Suu Kyi)

In recent remarks Suu Kyi, the European Union's favorite Nobel Prize winner, made it rather clear to the world why it is that she does not support the Rohingya within her country. Speaking to her supporters, Suu Kyi told fellow Buddhist that the Rohingya Muslims within her country were "illegal aliens". She went on to point out that from her perspective "there will never be an end to the problem" with the Rohingya as long as the border with Bangladesh is left open. To further her less than friendly stance Suu Kyi pointed out that Myanmar needed to get tough on citizenship laws and make it clear what these laws said and to whom citizenship could be given. 

For months now human rights groups have wondered how this "humanitarian" would respond to the massacres of Rohingya within her "democratic" country. Now it is painfully obvious that the woman the world paraded around is in reality no different than the system from which she came. Suu Kyi has continued to say nothing about the attacks on Kaman Muslims along the border with Thailand. Now she has taken the party line when dealing with the Rohingya Muslims in the Arakan region of Burma. 

Bangladesh's government did respond sharply to the sudden outburst from Suu Kyi. Yet the constant insistence on the part of Dhaka that the Rohingya have lived in Myanmar for centuries falls on deaf ears. It is obvious that Suu Kyi does not care that waves of Rohingya have been crossing the border in just the opposite direction as she claims. Since the founding of Bangladesh in 1971 there has been countless migrations of Rohingya Muslims into Bangladesh from Myanmar. They are going in the opposite direction of what Suu Kyi claims quite simply because of the turmoil they face within Burma. 

With the backing of Burma's "humanitarian" wing several local officials took to cleansing their villages and towns of all Myanmar's Muslims. In Kyauk Pyu local officials today attacked and drove out Kaman Muslims as Burmese military stood by and watched. Border patrols were then seen attacking and beating Rohingya boat people as they landed in Sittwe. All of this occurring as Burmese government officials claim they have gained control of the Western Rakhine region. 

It is clear to now that the Burmese government will be hiding these sorts of attacks from President Obama when he visits. Instead of allowing the outside world see these atrocities, leaders like Suu Kyi will be displaying their country's progress and potential for trade agreements. Every effort to engage in ethnic cleansing will for a short time be hidden as Barack Obama gives his hollow speeches.

And in the end people like Suu Kyi will sadly remain in control of Myanmar. Their genocidal campaigns of ethnic cleansing will continue. And the question of citizenship for the Rohingya remains answered by those in power. 

According to Suu Kyi and her fellow Burmese, the Rohingya are not human as long as they remain in Myanmar. As long as even one stays within Burma's borders, all Rohingya will remain "illegal".

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