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March 6, 2013

A Fire Inside

The Screamer's Response To Burma
(Screamers Post)

For almost a year now the world has ignored the genocidal ambitions of the Burmese government. World leaders in the West have turned a blind eye to blatant ethnic cleansing of Muslims in the Arakan state. When faced with a "civil war" in the Kachin region the government of Myanmar has established a campaign of genocide to wipe the Kachin people off the map. A clear pattern of expulsion and annihilation has been laid out by the history of Burma's Junta when dealing with Myanmar's ethnic minorities.

The leaders of Europe were among the first to swoon over Burma as it slowly cracked its doors and started to allow foreign eyes into the dark abyss the Junta had created. And yet the Europeans did not focus upon the wholesale slaughter of "undesirables" or the indiscriminate use of slave labor throughout the country. Instead the European leadership began to drool over the puppets the old Junta had put out to entertain it's new guests. The EU paraded its favorite puppet around shamelessly as they fawned over Suu Kyi. And in doing all of this, Europe turned its back upon the helpless still stuck beneath the heels of the old Junta leadership.

Democracy comes slow in a country once ruled by ruthless dictators. And in a country of religious bigotry it comes like a fire.

This is something that America should had understood. Or would have understood a long time ago when it too had suffered oppressive rule of a seemingly foreign power. Yet now days its leadership falls in line with the very powers that once had placed their boots upon American throats. Obama's administration tiptoes in the footsteps of the EU and its socialist leadership as it too fawns over Burma's democratic facade. Hollow words and self interest are all Obama's America has to offer the suffering minorities in Myanmar.

For those of us who have been following Burma's destructive behavior there is a sense of urgency forming as March begins. We have been told by those in Burma that the Rakhine are organizing for a third wave of ethnic cleansing in Burma. This next pogrom has been eluded to by the extremist as being the Rohingyas' version of the Final Solution. It is a promise that calls upon the worst genocide in living memory and eludes to the ambitions of the Rakhine (Buddhists) in the Arakan state.

These threats grow with each passing day. Unlike the people we believe to be leading us, we cannot look away. We are the ones who watch. We are the ones who cannot remain silent in the face of evil. We are the screamers.

A fire is growing in Burma. It began with a spark upon the tongues of propagandists. Their incendiary words set the Rohingya villages ablaze. And for a short time in the summer heat, their words turned to bloody violence the turned the Arakan into an inferno.

The fire is smoldering. It flared up in the fall of last year. The memory of which has been driving countless Rohingya to flee to the sea and off to foreign lands. The smoke of their villages, the memory of their lives before this, still lingers over all that they do as the Rohingya try to outrun the coming blaze.

A similar fire is growing inside of us. For those who are watching the sense of urgency is a fire that drives us on. It is a reason to fight. A reason to grow louder, to fight harder, and to scream longer than ever before.

The Rohingya will not die without the world knowing. We will scream till the entire world knows their plight. But to achieve this we need your help. We need your voice.

It is easy to scream...

One way to scream is to share news articles and blog pages like this one. You can do so by posting them to Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Tumblr, and other social media websites.

Another way to scream is to write your congressman or other elected officials. By making your voice known and your concern for this issue you can let your government know what you expect it to do and what you care about. Voting against those who support the murders (and telling them you will) is one way to affect the change you want to see in both your country and Burma itself.

The most direct way to scream is somewhat odd in the fact that it doesn't involve the spoken word or written word at all. It is just as simple however. It requires you to put your money where your mouth is.

By donating to organizations such as Partners Relief and Development (see link below) you can help fight the good fight when dealing with the Rohingya Genocide. This is one of the most direct methods in giving hope to the helpless. Your dollars can go much further than your next cup of coffee or your next iTunes purchase. Your money can give a Rohingya family a fighting chance to survive in the long run. Partners Relief and Development is one of very best organizations in helping your money go directly to the front lines.

Whatever you do, please scream with us. Literally millions of lives are counting upon the actions of good men and women like you.

Partners Relief and Development

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