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April 28, 2013

Ripples in the waters of Humanity

(Move- Screamers post)

As you are reading this on some sort of back-lit screen, it's hard to imagine a world that has as much tragedy when sitting here on a chair, reading a blog, where we ourselves feel pretty secure and safe in our everyday lives.  It's even harder to relate to the fact that people are being abused for notions of hate and prejudice. Harder still is to believe that one can do anything that affects the tide of injustice and suffering for people you never heard about and probably will never meet.  But I'm here to tell you that one small gesture can be the difference!  Each of us a drop in the water of humanity and when moved- we are able to cause ripples that traverse distance and obstacles.  The question then sits at our feet- of whether to move or not.  Not moving or doing anything is as if condoning the acts of travesty when you are knowledgeable. 

It's so easy to go on, to move pass or brush past these events without so much as a blink.  Sitting here, reading this screen- are we so apathetic?  Can we sit here and condemn the acts of the past and then hypocritically stand by while they are being reenacted in our generation and time?  There are people, human life being snuffed out, stomped out vehemently through the acts of genocide.  They may not be literally in our very backyard- but in the scope of this world and how much smaller it has become- something that happens on one side of the planet- should matter in the whole scheme of humanity. 

So how much is a human life worth?  Imagine having to decide which of the children get to eat and then watch the other waste away as the starvation campaign against you and your people carry on.  Fathom a mob of people you once called neighbors, dragging out your loved ones to be beaten and killed because of your faith.  Push yourself to see how leaving your aged ones back to be slaughtered, knowing you will never be able to give them a burial or a memorial to return to.  In the short-sightedness of our own problems with smartphones, fashion trends, busy schedules, and other shallow entreaties seen on social media,  by far in comparison to our brothers and sisters in humanity, we have got it easy.

Come June this year one of the most fanatical genocides will hit it's one year mark in Burma. Thousands have died thus far, and the escalation of violence is sure to increase the death toll.  A repeat of the holocaust- following the historic mass murders from the 1940's.   An oath was made- "to never again," has fallen to deaf ears.  But we can not say our eyes are shut!  To be more than just a by-standing witness- MOVE!  Contact your government officials and ask them why nothing is being done to aid the Rohingya people.  Reach out to legitimate organizations/charities who are trying to aid the victims like Partners in Relief and Development.  Share this information by social media or even a more personal word of mouth. 

We have no excuse for being idle.  There is no justification when we are capable of creating more than ripples but waves.  We are capable if only there are those who are willing to move.

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