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January 12, 2013


Someone is trying to shed some light in this dark world. 

Recently thanks to Pinterest, I came across something.  Better than a lot of the "feel good" stuff of self improvement or crafts.  It was a T-shirt and so much more.
There is a group out there called Sevenly that is doing something worthwhile.  They team up with charities and produce designed products that an amount of the proceeds are donated to.  Here's the thing it isn't just one charity.  They do this every week.  Every week a new charity/organization is sponsored and the products specifically designed will only be sold that week. Making it a precious endorsement with a limited time offer.

But what does this have in common with Alder's Ledge?  We have similar goals and methods.  Both of us want to increase the awareness of social needs in this world and encourage people to act.  We have also used similar methods to do this.  First by asking those who have come across our information to pass it along on shared social networks of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr to spark better awareness.  Next to invite them to act on this interest and last to make a personal connection with the need.

We applaud Sevenly!  They have sponsored charities dealing with sex trafficking, refugees of genocide and civil wars, and former child soldiers.  There are other numerous organizations that span the scope of Alder's Ledge as well.  Each charity is thoroughly researched and fact checked in the application process to make sure the most good is being done.  Sevenly just started up in 2011 and have been able to raise generous amounts to different causes, each with it's own unique designed products during their campaign.  Here is how the process works as per displays.

It's nice to come across others trying to do some good.  The world needs more light bearers like Sevenly to show the changes needed and what one can do about it.


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