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September 29, 2012

Stealing Dead Mens Obol

The Price of Sanity

As the world continues to heap praise upon Aung San Suu Kyi the Rohingya of Myanmar continue to be attacked. Rohingya men have resorted to fleeing in such a panic that their families are left behind. The hope is that the Buddhist in Burma will have mercy upon women and children. All the while the Junta in Myanmar take to hunting the fleeing men down like dogs as they kill them wherever and whenever they find them.

Entire villages have been burned to the ground as the Rohingya who are trapped in the Rakhine region take to the forest to hide. The Rohingya families now hide until the sun goes down till they dare come out and look for food and water. Any Rohingya who had a job prior to this recent bout of ethnic cleansing is now without a job and most likely a home.

The Burmese military has been deployed in greater numbers to the Rakhine region to supposedly bring about peace in the countryside. Instead the Myanmar police and military have taken to aiding the Buddhist in the region in raids and bombardments of Muslim homes and villages. Myanmar's military has gone as far as gathering Rohingya women and taking their female prisoners to rape camps. The efforts of ethnic cleansing have only been advanced by the increase in Burmese military presence.

Where is the world's rage when it comes to the deaths of thousands of innocent men, women, and children? Have we forgotten the promise we made upon leaving the gates of Auschwitz? Do we not recall those two simple "Never Again"?

We stood silently off to the side while the Serbian militias raped and pillaged Bosnia. We did nothing to stop the Serbian beasts as they constructed death camps once again on European soil. We closed our eyes while the barbarians raped Bosnian women and bashed their babies against walls. We said nothing when the dark legions set up Sniper Alley and shot innocent civilians indiscriminately.

Now we set silently off to the side as Myanmar's militias rape and pillage Muslim Rohingya. We do nothing to stop the Burmese beasts as they make death camps out of Rohingya villages. We close our eyes as the barbarians rape Muslim women and bash their babies against the ground. We say nothing as the dark legions set out to shot innocent civilians indiscriminately.

See a pattern?

As 2012 passes away into the history books the world will forget a lot of things about this miserable year. We will most likely remember Syria in our own way and not as the genocidal blood bath it really is. We will most likely remember how the Sudan has become an abyss of genocide and never ending war as the we did little to stop it. But most of the world will forget about this boy in the picture above.

Myanmar has been carrying out a genocide against the Rohingya every since the British left their colony in the hands of the Junta. This year the Burmese have taken that genocide to its next most logical conclusion. The world did nothing when Myanmar shut the door and started their genocidal efforts. The West said nothing when Myanmar cracked the door open and stepped up their genocidal campaign against the Rohingya. So why would Myanmar stop now?

President Obama has begun making efforts to set up more normalized trading with Myanmar. In a gold rush with China, Russia, and Europe; Obama has made Myanmar a target for economic exploitation. And to do this Obama has decided to turn a blind eye to the genocide currently taking place in the Rakhine region.

The United States is not alone in doing this however. Great Britain, Germany, France, and Switzerland have all ignored the plight of the Rohingya while parading Aung San Suu Kyi around like a prize pony. Not one Western government seems to have any motivation in attacking Myanmar's Junta for its ethnic cleansing of the Rakhine region. All seem complacent due to the rewards of natural resources Myanmar has to offer the greedy Western world.

China, having proved its heartless approach to human rights time and time again, has no inclination toward addressing genocide. After all, it was China who set up oil production in the Sudan while the government there set out to slaughter its own people. It was China who first came to the defense of Syria's bloody butcher. And it is China who continues to oppress Tibet. So why would we expect the Chinese government to put any pressure on Myanmar to stop the genocide of the Rohingya?

The wolves are out in force. The Rohingya have no place left to run. This will be a fight for their lives. So the question remains... how many more dead do we need before the West will act? How much more blood does our collective conscience need before we will bother to even say anything against the killers?

If you have read this then you can't claim ignorance. If you have seen the victims' faces then you can't be considered innocent. To do nothing is to be complicit. To say nothing is to help the murders commit their bloody deeds.

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  1. I am ashamed of being part of silent world. God would ask us all what we did to reach out to them with a helping hand.


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