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February 23, 2011

one little word

Hate. Such a horrible four letter word. Such a powerful thing that exists in this world regretfully. It can be attached to any agenda to purport it. It is dynamic and yet consistent in manner.
Dynamic because it can be applied to any sentiment for justification. There are racist, sexist, and many more prejudices that all have the application of hate applied to them. Whether that hate stems from rooted fears, associated stereotypes or plain old ignorance- it is the same four letter word. Hate is consistent as the almost blind faith one has to have to it. Yes there is ignorance out there-literally people without resources or education to know any better. But for the majority out there- closing off all dialogue and debate is a choice to idiocy. Hate requires no logic or reason. Even when presented with truth and supporting facts- many cling to the prejudicial hate like a religion. For some it justifies their beliefs.
Many horrendous acts have been done in the name of beliefs. Lives have been lost over differing beliefs in religion, politics, and economics. Demonizing a people makes it easier to see the enemy as less than human and thus allowing an easier division to segregate the “us versus them” that exists. It makes it okay to hate. Makes hate a reaction, a justified retaliation. Whether the offense is predetermined or not, hate is a perfect defense.
Hate is a chameleon. It can wrap itself in any cause’s flag. It can be swapped side to side, flung from one argument to its rebuttal. Hate likes to sow itself in specks of truth taken out of context and grows into a twisted, distorted perspective of reality. So it can be seen in each side clinging to their facade. Some more blatant, some more subversive, but it can wriggle it’s way into any heart, mind or soul so easily. For hate is a parasite. Hate is a coward.
Hate takes over. It doesn’t compromise, or pause to let reason and truth play a role. It generalizes and strips off the face of humanity. It makes it far easier to hate. Retaliation, self preservation, or simply selfishness is innate in the human heart. To go against nature in itself it seems to find a person or people not succumbing to hate.
The world is becoming smaller with less isolated homes, cultures, and information. Hate will happen…whether out of the initial reaction of fear or ignorance- hate is looking for any band wagon out there to hitch a ride to- to give it a name. One can only hope and pray that with the shrinking of the world; that it may allow the opportunities to dispel the fear and bring truth to the ignorant. More people willing to fight the natural corruption. People who are willing to share, to learn and to educate. Reason and truth and love are needed. These are the weapons to fight hate. Reason to understand that differences between thinking exists, even dislikes, and to try to learn from them still. Truth that goes past generalizations and mere exceptions to the "rules." Most importantly to love- to see each person as more than a number or statistic. To acknowledge and try to see another soul. If we forget that major point- each person, each people is unique and has depth- then hate complains another victory. So fight hate with reason, truth, and most importantly love.

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  1. Thank You Heathergems,

    This essay is exactly what people need to be reading.


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