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August 21, 2009

Man Eating Plant Discovered

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Ok, Ok... so the plant recently discovered on Palawan Island, the Philippines, cannot really devour a human-being. But it can eat small rodents such as rats if they were to fall into its mouth and be slowly digested by the flesh eating enzymes within.

Ok, Ok... so the plant doesn't really have a mouth per say. But it does have the same distinct opening that other pitcher plants have. So it is most likely that Nepenthes Attenboroughii, or "Sir David", could actually devour a full size rat.

And if this surprises you then you might also be happy to learn that Nepenthes Rajah, another large pitcher plant, has been known to eat rats. In 1862 Spencer St John, a Brit, found a drowned rat in the bottom of the rajah pitcher plant on Borneo... one of the deadliest places on Earth (especially if you are a rat apparently).

Just something to think about when you see those little venus fly traps in the floral department.

(credit for story goes to UK Times Online)