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June 24, 2009

Iran... and the world watches

Forget Politics For A Moment…

No matter who is or isn’t president, humanity has one and only one obligation to those who have and are dieing in Iran today… we owe them our respect and recognition. Here we have a nation breaking at the seams as its youth fight for a freedom that our country has promised to help secure. Here we have a people finally broken by the ever-growing weight of their dictator’s regime. Here we have a true fright for independence in this new millennium.

Police and mullah militias beat and slaughter men, women, and children as if it is their religion. The butchers of the mosque now take to the street with their nose to the pavement so as to hunt down fresh meat. Not even cameras and witnesses stop these starving dogs as they thrust their will upon their victims. Blood and entrails litter Tehran as the hounds of Hell come unleashed.Yet a world that has promised so little for such a great sacrifice as this stands by and does nothing. The news media hides its eyes and denounces the witnesses at every opportunity. Muhammad Barrack Hussein Obama himself stands by and “respects the Islamic Republic” as his buddy’s boys do his deeds. Where is the support the west vowed for their little brother of Persia? Where have all the real men gone when the heat of battle ignited beneath their feet?

The politicians in Congress should be ashamed of themselves. They promised an unwavering support for “change” in Iran for how long now? They offered “hope” to the oppressed in this dictator’s grasp for how long now? And now that women lay beaten and bloodied in the capital of Iran Congress turn’s its eyes to the west? For what? To see if their beloved Korea is still there?

“Paint the White House black” Barrack (in reference to the pre-election rap song by his buddy) for that is the color real men flew when they took no prisoner. “We will give them the black flag” was the last line of privateers when they attacked their targets. And that is exactly what you have done madam president… pirated the “hope” of an entire nation from half way around the world.

Thugs light trees on fire so as to smoke their prey from the rooftops in Tehran. They crowd the lobbies of hospitals, the places their wounded prey have crawled into, and open fire as they laugh uncontrollably. Their eyes glitter with passion as they club the brains out of women’s skulls while their children stare on in terror.

Sorry madam president, the fourth of July just won’t be the same without the Iranians coming over for hotdogs.

Forget politics for a moment…

Where is the outrage in the media? Where have all the bleeding hearted liberals gone now that a true tragedy has befallen them? Where are the mothers sobbing as if those protestors were their own sons and daughters? Nowhere… not even rightwing conspiracy FOX is covering this actual news story. Why?

Just a rambling from the Grand Fubba’s soapbox. My heart goes out to those who spend tonight in Iran. May God have mercy on you and bring solace to a place now even more so resembling Hell. And may His damnation befall those who cry out the name of Allah as they butcher innocence so the will of one deranged bastard can live on.

First Song That Came to Mind when watching the videos coming out of Iran...