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May 13, 2010

The Burqa Blitz

Socialist, Fascist, or Prejudice.

With Australia ready to jump on the ban wagon it seems that you can't be a Muslim anywhere now days. Despite the claims that these bans are solely aimed at the infamous burqa it appears that all Islamic head-scarves are the target. This means that even the Islamic scarves designed to cover the hair and necks of Muslim women will be banned.

Traditionally Muslim women are not required to wear the full face coverings. However in hard-line Islamic states like Iran, women are seen wearing the burqa on a daily basis. And yet even in places like Iran women wear the less modest scarves. So why is it now illegal to wear any of them in France?

Public safety is a loosely worded explanation given by both the French and Belgians. Unable and incapable of justifying their claims, the governments of Europe seem ready to unite on this issue (of all possible issues).

So lets discredit that claim.

Not a single time has a terrorist tried to set off a bomb under the guise of a burqa. As of today there have been no gangs of burqa wearing Muslims roaming the streets of Europe. And not once has a single person been harmed by wearing a burqa.

Next we come the claim that the burqa oppresses women.

Once again we must look at this reasonably. The burqa is not a religious mandate. The women wearing them are not made to do so by "Islamic law". And despite claims by the Europeans, Shari'a does not state that women are to wear any covering over their face.

So here is the only logical explanation for the Burqa Ban... cultural prejudice.

With more and more immigrants moving into Europe from Islamic nations the burqa is becoming a more common sight. Not only is the burqa a common sight, but its more liberal counterparts are flourishing in Europe. The reason... immigrants usually cling to symbols of their cultural past. This means that the immigrants Europe needs to satisfy its desire for "cheap labor" are the very people bringing the change Europeans don't like (head-scarves).

Like Latinos here in the United States, Muslim immigrants are being met with a tinge of racial and religious prejudice. We Americans like tacos... we on the other hand do not tend to like hearing people speak Spanish when we ourselves don't understand the language. Hence seemingly popular desire to push laws requiring Latinos to speak and know English.

So look at it this way... how would a law requiring Latinos to speak English be met here in the US?

I would be willing to bet that relations along the border would suddenly become rather tense. And I'm almost certain that the White House would be against it.

So just guess how the Middle East is going to react when these bans continue to spread across Europe. Just imagine how Muslim dominated regions of Eastern Europe are going to react when their neighbors start cracking down on Islamic traditions.

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