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March 13, 2009

How Attached to Your Balls are You?

How attached to your balls are you?

Ever thought that people just shouldn’t be allowed to breed? Ever see a horrible parent in the supermarket or on one of those TV shows and just wish they would have been sterilized? Well here is your chance to kill two birds with one stone… just not the man’s stones.

We can beat global warming and keep annoying, inferior, peoples from breeding. (For those back in Indiana, this is a line straight from the National Socialist Workers’ Party… not the Democrats… yet.) See, the plan is this… we just simply implement the Chinese method of birth control… or Indian (once again for the Hoosiers, dot not feather) method of sterilization. Yep, here in America we just simply tell people whether they can mate or not. And if they do before we cut their manhood off… well we just go along with Obama’s third term abortion technique… or like some Leftist believe… we could implement fourth term abortions.

Seem too far-fetched for Americans? What about “educated” Americans? Just ask Paul Murtaugh and Michael Schlax of Oregon State University. They would tell you the following… "Any country having net reproductive rate exceeding one daughter per woman … will have lineages with exponentially increasing person years, unless fertility decreases in the future."

Or you could listen to Ernst Lehmann, Nazi biologist "Separating humanity from nature, from the whole of life, leads to humankind's own destruction. … Humankind alone is no longer the focus of thought, but rather life as a whole. … This striving toward connectedness with the totality of life, with nature itself … is the deepest meaning of National Socialist thought."

Note that if you take out the fancy way of talking each “educated” individual uses… they are basically trying to appeal to your Malthusian way of thinking. Each is just fancifully stating that we need less of you (given that I cut most of what Ernst had to say up… nobody really cares what a Nazi has to say right? You can look it up in Mien Kompf).

Either way you look at this you must ask yourself the following questions… Why do these “educated” Liberals need to control the most personal aspects of your life? Why do these “educated” Liberals need to delve so deep into your private matters as to deny you your God given, and inalienable, right to procreation (falling under “pursuit of happiness” I would believe)? Why do the Liberals want to drag our children into this issue of global warming? Why do the Liberals need to indoctrinate our children with this theory? And hasn’t this kind of indoctrination been done before? Didn’t we fight this sorta fascism before? But most importantly… where does all this lead? Where does this sorta thinking end?

Has your child been forced by his school to watch a film based off the ponderings of Al Gore? Or did their school force them to watch some other Hollywood hippies film? Better yet… did your child’s school force you to watch any one of these pro-global warming films? And if you didn’t did they deduct points from your child’s grade?

Why are the Liberals so intent on forcing this particular theory upon an entire generation?

In Nazi Germany it was illegal for all “German” children to avoid conscription into the Hitler Youth program. Any child that was not indoctrinated by this cult was either sent off to labor camps or tormented daily by their “friends”. Yes, good little boys and girls saluted their leader. Good little boys and girls fought the enemy at the gates.

In January we watched as schools forced their students to listen too or even watch video of Obama’s swearing in. Not doing so would mean that your child, or any child that avoided doing so, was a “right wing nut job”… or worse yet… a racist.

So why are the Liberals so dogged about getting after our children?

If you control the media you control the masses. But if you can control the youth, you control all hope for the future. Hitler knew this and he exploited it to no end. That is why Hitler Youth fought in the streets of Berlin as the city fell to the Red Army. That is why these young children stood shoulder to shoulder with the SS and Death Cap soldiers as the city crumbled.

Here at Alders Ledge we encourage free thought and the preservation of our youth’s innocence. We here at Alders Ledge resist the notion that we must exert our way thinking and our core principles upon the children of America. We here at Alder’s Ledge do not and will never condone the failed philosophy of a tyrant and butcher.

Obama willing, Alders Ledge will continue to silently observe this downward spiral of the Left into radical fascism. After all, they have already admitted to being socialist. And they already support the “worker”. Now they just need a party…


  1. This was very well written and not "rage-filled". I like this very much.

  2. Oh...but the title...Grandma could never read this! lol

  3. I'm really starting to wonder where this "rage-filled" stuff is coming from? I mean, come on, you have had a look around the blog... no rage here. No, no, just joking... maybe a little rage... a healthy dose.


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